Meet Maddox - an Official Good Dog

Here at Big Barker, we love celebrating amazing dogs and all the things they have done to help their communities. When Big Barker finds a Good Dog doing an amazing act of service for their family or community, we are eager to award them a Good Dog Gold Medal. Today, we would like to introduce you to the newest Good Dog Gold Medal Winner, Maddox. This award is presented to Maddox for performing acts of kindness, bravery and loyalty.🏅


Maddox on his Big Barker bed


Maddox was a jack of all trades, a good listener, and a best friend to anyone in need. Maddox was a certified therapy dog who worked with children, cancer patients, and other people of all ages! He loved his jobs and when he entered a room, from young children to the elderly, you would hear the many calls for Maddox and see the smiles that began radiating throughout. Maddox was lost unexpectedly, but his impact and touch across his community will be remembered and celebrated. His death was something that shattered not only his family, but the world that he so deeply touched. 

Maddox was constantly helping others, but one of his favorite visits was when he would go to the ‘Read to Rover program’ for kids. The Read to Rover is a program where children sit in tents with dogs to practice their reading. He would listen to them read each Saturday morning as bonds formed and joys spread between Maddox and the young readers. Maddox’s owners described these mornings as they watched the ease that the children felt next to him in those tents, as nothing short of magical. 


Maddox Reading


Even when Maddox wasn't working, he was there to give therapy, laughs, and love to his family and friends. When Maddox was a young dog, he was a champion of kindness and love. His mission is carried on by those who were a part of his life and share his story. While Maddox is no longer with us physically, his story and spirit still move many and provide comfort. In fact, his owners have started a nonprofit in his name, Maddox’s Mission. Maddox’s Mission helps pets facing a medical crisis and their parents with financial assistance.


Maddox was such a loved dog and is missed by everyone touched by his compassion. We are so proud to award Maddox the Good Dog Gold Medal for his extraordinary acts of kindness.

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