Husky Throws Massive Party at the Shelter

Titan, a beautiful husky, arrived at Colbert County Animal Shelter just before closing on May 15. The staff settled him in and then left for the day, hoping to learn more about him the next day. Instead, they quickly learned about his personality.

Almost immediately, Titan broke free from his cage and somehow got two friends free as well. From 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. he threw the wildest party the shelter had ever seen!  “[He] destroyed the office computer, tore down blinds, peed on paperwork, cleared off all the counters, chewed up garbage and paperwork, etc.,” Charles Corey Speegle, Shelter Director, said. 

When employees arrived the next morning, Titan was sitting there ready to greet them in the middle of all the mess! “He was sitting at the door, waiting to show us how "good" he did,” Speegle said.

The staff couldn't be mad after seeing how proud he was, so they posted pictures on Facebook and he was adopted almost immediately. “Who would think such a cute and fluffy little animal could cause so much havoc/chaos,” Christopher Davis, Titan’s new dad, wrote in a GoFundMe post. “I saw him and INSTANTLY fell in love with the doggy in the window and just had to adopt him.”


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