Meet Good Dog K9 Leo!

Here at Big Barker, we love celebrating amazing dogs and all the things they have done to help their communities. When Big Barker finds a Good Dog doing amazing acts of service in their community, we are eager to share their stories on our blog. Today, we would like to introduce an incredible pup we had the honor of getting to know, K9 Leo! Read more about him and his owner below!

1. Names: Joshua and Raiza Carpenter & our pup K9 Leo

2. Occupation: Customs and Border Protection Officer

3. Location: Tucson, Arizona

4. How did your pup become a trained currency and firearms detection canine? "I trained Leo at our training facility in Front Royal, VA and he was certified on currency and firearms detection. Leo was assigned to me as my partner and we worked at the Nogales Port of Entry on the outbound team."

5. What's been the best part about adopting him? 
"Being able to treat him like a family member. We can spoil him without violating any policy​" 🥰

6. What’s your favorite pic/video you’ve ever posted of your dog and why?
Every picture we have posted of Leo is our favorite. You can also keep up with Leo & family on his very own FB page!)

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7. How has your Big Barker bed helped your pup since getting? 
"Leo was diagnosed with arthritis and myasthenia gravis when he retired. I did some research on different brands and wanted to find him something similar to our Tempur-Pedic bed. I found Big Barker and read every review I could and then made the decision to purchase one. I put the bed upstairs in our room and I could immediately see the improvement in his demeanor and he wasn't near as stiff as he used to be! Having spent as much time with Leo from our training at the academy to our time in the field, I was able to read his nonverbal cues and I could see the improvement after a night on a Big Barker. I purchased a second bed so he could have one downstairs to nap on and we eventually purchased a 3rd so he could lay near the fireplace or by the front door. 🙌

8. What’s something your dog is afraid of?​ Fireworks! On the 4th of July and New Years Eve, I will sit in the​ bathroom with the ceiling fan on to calm him.

9. If you could ask your dog(s) one question, what would it be?​ Who do you love more Mommy or Daddy?

10. How would you define your dog in three words?
  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Family 💗 

Thank you so much to the Carpenter Family & Leo for sharing your incredible story with us! And thank you Leo for all the work you did for your community - we hope you are enjoying retirement!