After Two Years, Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Returns Home

As 2022 came to a close, families gather around the television ready to usher in the new year. But for one family in Tennessee, this was a day filled with memories of the past. After nearly two years missing, Daisy, their family dog, finally returned to her family. 

Daisy returns home

She was one of 180 dogs and cats rescued from a puppy mill in New Jersey by the Ocean County Health Department. Despite being missing for two years, the family never lost hope. They continued to pay for the microchip service Daisy had, and this allowed the rescuers to identify and notify the family. 

“They drove 11 hours to get here,” said Brian Lippai, spokesman for the Ocean County Health Department. “There were lots of smiles, tears and happiness coming from both sides.”

No one is sure how she made it to the state of New Jersey, but Lippai said, "Probably what happened was somebody gave the dog to somebody else, and then that person kept her awhile before giving her to somebody else."

The home was raided on December 2nd, 2022 where 135 dogs and 45 cats were found in terrible living conditions. The home owners have since been charged. Daisy and one of the animal was microchipped and returned home, while the others have since been sent to three shelters for treatment and to eventually be put up for adoption. 

Daisy is excited to be back home is was quickly her old-self. “She’s a big slobberer, big and playful,” he said. “She just wants to roll on her belly.” 

“They were ecstatic when they got the phone call,” Lippai said. “Just to know their dog was safe, and being well taken care of.”

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