How to Find a Bed Without Flame Retardants

How to Find a Bed Without Flame Retardants

Today we're answering a question that a lot of folks don't often think to ask, "How do you find a dog bed that does not have flame retardants in it?"

No one wants their dog sleeping on a bed with flame retardants in it. Some of it's highly toxic and on something like a dog bed, the exposure is immense. They're going to be laying and breathing the fumes from that bed for many years.

There's one way that I can tell you to make sure that the dog bed you buy does not have flame retardants in it and it has to do with the quality of the foam and the purity of the foam. This foam right we use in Big Barker dog beds is all American made foam, which, unfortunately, is not normally what you find in dog beds.

Most dog beds made of foam are coming from China using cheap Chinese foam. And there are studies out there, specifically one from 2009, the Michigan Ecology Center where they tested Chinese dog beds and they found all kinds of chemicals, including flame retardants in their beds.

This doesn't mean all Chinese manufacturing is bad or anything like that, but if you really want to make sure that you get a bed without flame retardants, buying one that's made in America is helpful. But what's even more helpful is looking for a certification called CertiPUR. CertiPUR is a third party organization, which tests for things like heavy metals and flame retardants found in foam. If you buy a dog bed that has CertiPUR certification, you can be confident that the foam inside does not have any flame retardants. If that's important to you, look for that seal. 


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