Are Dog Beds Machine Washable?

Are Dog Beds Machine Washable? 

Today, we're answering the question, "Are dog beds machine washable?" And the answer is not all the time, but Big Barker beds are definitely machine washable. So I want to show you what to look for on a washable dog bed. In the video, I'm demonstrating on our XL Big Barker bed and the cover is machine washable. But more so than that I want to show you the underside of this bed.

Some beds are machine washable, but it's very difficult to take the cover on and off. In fact, most dog beds, if they are washable, are just going to have one single zipper across one of its shorter edges. And the problem with that is you have to fight the foam or the stuffing to get it back in the little hole.

To make things easier, Big Barker beds have a zipper that goes 100% around three sides. When you unzip the cover, you can see a very large flap comes out. We just pop the foam out of the corners and you can peel the whole thing off and it just goes right in the wash and right back on. So I'd say the number one thing to look for if you want an easy machine-washable dog bed is to check how big the zipper is, how many sides it goes around, and is it going to be easy to take on and off.


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