Do Orthopedic Beds Really Help Your Dog?

Do Orthopedic Beds Really Help Your Dog?

So, do orthopedic dog beds actually help your dog? The answer to that question is a big fat maybe. That maybe is dependent on the quality of the orthopedic bed and whether or not it really is an orthopedic bed.

Check out the video above to see the vast difference between a Big Barker and another bed that's called an orthopedic bed. The Big Barker is a real orthopedic bed. The other bed is sold on Amazon, has lots of positive reviews and is called an orthopedic bed, but as you can see, just in the sheer size of the foam here, there's a big difference between the two things, even though they both call themselves orthopedic.

So you're asking if orthopedic dog beds help, and what you first have to understand is the only thing that makes a dog bed orthopedic is if the bed keeps the dog's joints off the floor, removing all the pressure points and making it a much more comfortable experience as they're resting.

So with the egg crate foam bed, if I kneel on it with a little bit of weight, and I'm going right into this wood below. So if I'm a dog of any size, I'm smashing right through this on my shoulders, hips and elbows. This is not providing me any orthopedic support. So if I'm expecting this bed to give my dog better energy, better rest, this is not going to do the trick. This will not help your dog.

The Big Barker bed, on the other hand, is made with human mattress quality foam. As I kneel on it or press my hands into it, you can see that my hands are going into the foam, so the foam is enveloping the pressure that's going into it. But this middle layer of foam is a support layer, so I'm not going to progress through that second layer, which means that I can put all my weight into this and I'm not going to press through to the floor. So a bed like this is a real bed and this will help your dog because it's going to keep their joints off the floor.

So to answer your question again, "Do orthopedic dog beds help?" if it's a flimsy bed, the answer is no. If it's like this, if it's a Big Barker bed, the answer is yes. We promise it will make your dog healthier and happier or you don't have to pay for it. We stand by that. 


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