For big dogs, this is
not just a better bed.
It’s a better life.

The only dog bed clinically proven to improve quality
of life for big dogs. Better rest, less pain, more mobility.
Uniquely engineered to keep dogs youthful for longer
and bring older dogs back to their best.

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Real beds change lives. Here’s the proof!

Imagine what your dog could do with less joint pain and more mobility.  This is what it means for big dogs to live longer, more engaged, more enjoyable lives. 

We engineered Big Barker beds to support big dogs in all the right ways, ensuring good nights and better, more active days.

In a clinical study performed by the University of Pennsylvania, owners of large dogs reported:

 • Significant reductions in joint pain and stiffness

 • Significant improvements in joint function, gait, and quality of life.

In addition, data collected from activity monitors worn on the dogs’ collars suggested improved nighttime restfulness in these dogs.

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SIZING NOTE for Dogs Under 50 Pounds

When we say big, we mean BIG. We’re sorry to say, the Big Barker is just too powerful for small dogs. But the good news is, you can try the Barker Junior, - appropriately sized and specially calibrated to support smaller breeds that weigh less than 50 pounds! Sleep tight little ones.

Bigger dogs require higher standards.

The Big Barker

Supports Joints

Our proprietary OrthoMedic ™ foam construction can support the weight of over 300 lbs of dog, protecting joints from painful pressure points.

Big Enough for Big Dogs

Sized to give enough space for large and extra large dogs to fully stretch out.

Made in USA

Proudly handmade by skilled craftsmen in our small workshop in Pennsylvania.

10 Year Warranty

We invented the “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty. The orthopedic foam lasts a full decade or we send you a new one!

Normal Dog Beds

No Joint Support

Normal dog beds offer absolutely no support to a big dog’s joints and aren't even able to comfortably support the weight of a medium sized dog.

Too Small for Big Dogs

Bigger dogs can't even fit on a normal sized dog bed, let alone get a full stretch.

Mass Produced in China

Quickly assembled in a crowded Chinese factory without any love or expertise.

No Warranty

When a normal dog bed falls apart or flattens like a pancake, you're forced to buy another at full price.

Feel The Difference

Dogs can't talk, but people can! Watch what dog lovers say when they’re asked to lay on both a Big Barker and a normal dog bed.

See The Difference

Advanced sensor technology proves all beds are not created equal. See which beds are actually protecting your dog's joints while they rest.

This extreme comfort is only possible with our handcrafted 3-stage construction using our proprietary blend of American-Made foam.

At Big Barker, we know that comfort is a result of design and function. We work tirelessly to create real beds that improve big dogs’ quality of life.

We handcraft every Big Barker with our proprietary blend of triple-layer OrthoMedic™ Foam.

Two layers of H10 comfort foam sandwich the otherwise inflexible H45 high-density support foam core.

The H45 layer can support 180 pounds per square inch—more than enough to comfortably support up to 300 pounds of dog weight—while the H10 layers provide a soft landing for your sweet pup.

This deliberate scientific calibration creates a more comfortable existence for big dogs: supporting their pressure curve, preventing joints from sinking into the floor, and relieving pressure points.

Superior Foam = Superior Support

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Big Barker’s proprietary blend of triple-layer OrthoMedic™ Foam supports big dogs as they sink in, wrapping their joints in top-layer comfort foam. The core layer provides a small amount of give, sustaining comfort and preventing him from hitting the hard floor.

Normal, mass-produced dog beds are typically made with cheap polyfill or memory foam, which immediately collapses under a big dog’s body weight. With no core support layer, your dog’s joints press directly into the hard floor, creating uncomfortable pressure points.

We perform well under pressure.

With a triple-layer foam structure, the Big Barker bed prevents painful pressure points, resulting in better naps, better nights and better years for your big dog.

Big Barker  

No Pressure Points Whatsoever

Big Barker: The orthopedic foam structure distributes weight evenly and eliminates pressure points.

Normal Dog Beds  

Pressure points (Red and Yellow areas) create massive discomfort

4 inch Memory Foam Beds: These beds exhibited dramatic pressure points in all common resting positions.

Polyfill “Pillow” Bed: Complete collapse of the bed structure causes dogs to suffer from severe and dramatic pressure points.

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Big dogs over 50 lbs face

a unique and dangerous risk.

Sadly, vets describe how the bodies of big dogs contain a fatal flaw - their joints slowly deteriorate under their own weight and an ordinary, active lifestyle becomes impossible.

Our mission is simple:

To extend the happy and healthy years of your dog’s life, and your loving relationship along with it.

Learn More About the Problem

Trusted vets trust Big Barker.

“I recommend the Big Barker to our patients that have dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any issue that causes joint pain or affects mobility because I believe it reduces pain and helps get them back to their old self.”

Dr. Kenneth Rassnick, DVM

DACVIM (Oncology)

Cornell University Hospital for Animals

“Most dogs over 50 lbs will develop joint problems as they age. It’s important that we address the problem before it becomes a problem. A supportive mattress, like the Big Barker, can help prevent or reduce unnecessary suffering - especially if it’s introduced before joint conditions develop.”

Dr. Marc S. Kraus, DVM

Veterinary Cardiologist

Ryan Hospital, University of Pennsylvania

Lets big dogs live life large at any age.

Many buy a Big Barker to keep their big dogs youthful for longer

Meet Magnum and Lisa
Watch how Big Barker helped Magnum extend his active years.

And lots set out to bring their older dogs back to their best

Meet Winnie, Jen and Andy
See how Big Barker helped Winnie keep up with the kids again.

Life Activated.

Less joint pain. More mobility. Read real stories of how Big Barker is helping big dogs live longer, more engaged, more enjoyable lives.


When it Came to Arthritis,
Big Barker Really Gave Murphy
the Relief He Needed.

At only 3 years old, Murphy has a range of joint issues, including arthritis. But his Big Barker lets him get enough rest so that he can live life to the fullest.

“When we first got Murphy, he couldn’t sit properly. There were no park walks or mountain runs—he was in a lot of pain, and it was evident.”

“We worked with an orthopedic surgeon for two years to get him to his current state. He had three leg surgeries. Both hind legs had torn ACLs that needed repair. His elbow bones did not fuse properly, and the surgeon removed a piece of floating bone from the elbow that was causing him to limp.”

Hip Dysplasia

Since he started sleeping on a Big Barker, Motley’s hip dysplasia doesn’t hold him back.

“When he was a year-and-a-half old, Motley tore his cranial cruciate ligament, so we had that fixed. At the time, they did rads of his hips and told us that he was showing early signs of hip dysplasia, and that within a year or two he would have full-blown hip dysplasia. They were pretty much right on. I would say at around age three his hip dysplasia really came in hot and heavy.”


Cash was run over by a car and was struggling to recoup fully from his injuries. Then he got a Big Barker.

“After the accident it was like watching him walk around like a cripple every day. He used to be a friendly dog, but when he would wake up he’d be cranky. I didn’t like the way he acted on pain medicine. He didn’t want to eat. It didn’t look like it was mentally working for him—he was kind of loopy.”

Slowing Down

7-year-old Major was beginning to lose mobility as he aged. But the Big Barker has brought him back to his best.

“At age 7, Major is starting to slow down a little. He appeared to have been tossed around from owner to owner by the time we found him when he was 5. After a few months of nurturing, though, he was showing improvements. But when waking in the morning, he always had a limp on one or at times two legs. I would actually have to help him get up for his morning walk.”


Guaranteed to protect for at least 10 years.

Sick and tired of dog beds that flatten like pancakes?

So were we. That’s why we designed Big Barker with the highest quality, triple-layer, American-made foam to outlast every other dog bed on the market.

We don’t make normal dog beds. We make REAL beds. For dogs. Real beds support without flattening and are about more than just a better sleep—they’re about a better quality of life.

It simply never flattens,
however big your dog!

Our “Can’t Flatten, Won’t Flatten” warranty will do more than protect your big dog’s quality of life—it’s designed to protect you, too.

We guarantee that your Big Barker will support your big dog for at least 10 years, retaining at least 90% of its original shape, size and supportive power, or we'll replace it for free

It’s dependable because
it’s American Made.

Big Barker will only ever make beds in America using American made foam. Our reputation is our most important asset. We only trust American workers and American foam to give your dog the care they deserve.

It’s safe because it’s CertiPUR-US® certified

The majority of dog beds sold in stores are NOT certified by CertiPUR-US®, which may leave your dog at risk of sleeping on a bed that contains lead, arsenic, or other harmful materials that have been found in non-certified dog beds.

It's proven because...

It's loved by 150,000 pet parents and counting.

With Big Barker, there’s always more to love.

Stays Cool

Stays Cool

Big Barker only uses “open cell” foam, which allows air to move freely through the bed. Other materials, like memory foam, are “closed cell,” which trap hot air between your dog and the bed.

Easy To Clean

Easy To Clean

Up to 150 inches of zipper surrounding 75% of each bed makes it easy for you to remove Big Barker’s non-shrink covers and throw them in the washing machine.

Durable Covers

Durable Covers

Our covers are constructed with the toughest microsuede fabric, which holds up against digging and scores 100,000 or higher on the Wyzenbeek Abrasion test—the standard for measuring a fabric’s ability to withstand surface wear from rubbing.

Height Health Advantage

Height Health Advantage

Particularly in cases of SEVERE joint, nerve or skeletal problems, our elevated 7-inch height health-advantage allows your dog to "walk off" their Big Barker, not struggle to raise themselves from the "grounded start" provided by normal dog beds.

No Outgassing

No Outgassing

We use better ingredients and take better care of our foam than our competitors do. With a Big Barker, you’ll never get that nasty “chemical” smell that irritates the skin, nose, and eyes of both dogs and humans alike.

Waterproof Liners

Waterproof Liners

Our impenetrable, machine-washable waterproof liners are made from the same soft, quiet material used in hospital-grade mattresses. Add as an optional upgrade to protect your Big Barker from fluids 24/7.

For us... it's personal.

We believe it’s our responsibility to make sure all dogs know they are loved and appreciated. That’s why a substantial percentage of our profits go toward giving Big Barker beds to big dogs who need them, but wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to get one. Get to know some of our charitable partners below.

Police K9 Units

“We’re Honored to Protect The Joints of the K9 Officers Who Risk Their Lives For Our Communities”

Police K9’s have a much different life than the average household dog. They work long hours, ride in patrol cars, chase down suspects, and keep dangerous weapons, substances, and people off our streets. It’s a hard day’s work.

Now factor in that most of the dog breeds that serve in law enforcement are especially prone to joint conditions like arthritis and hip dysplasia, and you can see why the joints of a police dog require even more care than most other large dogs.

We’ve made it a big part of our company mission to donate Big Barker beds to police K9 units, to both the active and the retired officers. Some of the departments that use Big Barkers for their entire K9 units are in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg) and in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We’re honored to support these heroic dogs and we’re honored to be the official dog bed of the USPCA (United States Police Canine Association).

And if you ever hear about a police dog getting injured in the line of duty, please let us know. We’ll send them a bed.

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Dog Rescues & Shelters

“Making rescue dogs more comfortable while they wait for their forever homes”

The look in the eyes of an abandoned or neglected dog, it’s not something you easily forget. They must be terrified as they dodge traffic, scavenge for food, or desperately try to avoid cruelty from humans who should be behind bars…

An astonishing 3.9 million dogs enter shelters every year. The shelters love and care for these dogs, and we try to aid the shelters as best we can.

One small way we’re able to help is to provide Big Barkers for use in the shelters while dogs are recovering from medical care or are waiting to find their forever homes. They’re safe and cared for once they’re at the shelter and we’re honored to add any additional comfort we can provide.

We’ve worked with the two largest no-kill shelters in Philadelphia - Philly PAWS and the Philadelphia SPCA - to outfit their facilities with donated Big Barkers.. The dogs are safe and cared for once they’re at the shelter, and we’re honored to add any additional comfort we can provide.

We’ve also assisted with successful fundraisers for national organizations like Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, National Mill Dog Rescue, and Big Dogs Huge Paws (raising over $40,000 to date!) and have also provided hundreds of Big Barkers to be used as raffle or auction items at local rescue events.

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Vet Hospitals

“Helping Dogs Through the Most Painful Times in Their Lives”

When a dog undergoes serious surgery at a veterinary hospital, their bodies hurt, they’re in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, and they don’t fully understand what’s happening to them.

If we can provide comfort during this time of confusion and pain, we’re proud to help. It’s why we’ve donated Big Barker beds to veterinary hospitals around the country so we can help their patients recover in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

One of the largest institutions using Big Barker beds to aid in recovery is University of Pennsylvania’s Ryan Veterinary Hospital.

Big Barker mattresses are used in their Emergency & Critical Care, Neurology, Surgery, Oncology, and Orthopedics departments.

Dr. Kimberly Agnello, Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery at University of Pennsylvania says:

“The biggest benefit I have seen is that these beds help these patients be comfortable while they are in the hospital by protecting their joints.”

Jonathan Wood, staff veterinarian in Neurology at Ryan Hospital, confirmed the need for a multi-purpose resting surface for patients who are often in treatment for days or weeks at a time

“If they’re not laying on something that is pliable and yet firm enough to keep them up and off the ground, then we transition from just trying to treat the disease to finding things like bed sores, muscle contractions, and tons of other secondary problems.”

Through these donations, we’re only too happy to play a part in these dogs enjoying a speedy recovery.

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Military Service Dogs

It’s our great honor to gladly donate Big Barker beds to America’s wounded warriors and the Patriot PAWS service dogs they depend on…

US Army Sergeant Clayton M. Rankin, fractured his spinal cord during a combat mission in Afghanistan… he says his service dog Archie, “…literally keeps me out of a wheelchair and keeps me from having to be in a scooter for the rest of my life.”

In the town of Rockwall, Texas, patriotic dog lovers have banded together to lend a helping hand to America’s most deserving heroes.

To date, Patriot PAWS has expertly trained over 77 service dogs, specifically to meet the urgent needs of mobility-impaired veterans nationwide, returning home with disabling combat injuries and PTSD.

With the help of their devoted dog, veterans can now regain the emotional and physical independence that the battlefield almost took from them for good.

It’s our honor and privilege to be able to donate a brand new Big Barker dog bed to each wounded warrior whom Patriot PAWS pairs with their highly-trained service dogs.

US Army Sergeant Clayton M. Rankin, fractured his spinal cord during a combat mission in Afghanistan… he says his service dog Archie, “…literally keeps me out of a wheelchair and keeps me from having to be in a scooter for the rest of my life.”

Hear it from the big dogs!

"It's heaven...a ridiculously comfortable sleep spot for canines"
“Your dog will turn into your teenager with Big Barker—never leaving the bed”
“The Big Barker bed is a smart option for weary and ailing dogs”
“awarded by Wharton School of Business as one of Philadelphia’s 100 fastest growing privately held businesses”
“awarded #720 on the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.”

Buy. Unwrap. Enjoy.

Beds are compressed, boxed, and shipped direct to your door.

Unwrap a better life for your big dog.

Our Promise To You

A better life guaranteed. Or your money back.

Try it for 1 Full Year. If using the Big Barker doesn't improve your dog's mobility, energy, or quality of life, let us know. We’ll send a 100% refund and pay for FedEx to bring it back.