Why Do Our Dogs Lick Us So Much?

Have you ever wondered why your dogs lick things so much, and especially you? Well, the simple answer is that they like the taste. Perhaps you catch your dog licking the floor all the time in the kitchen. Maybe that’s happening more often than not because you have dropped things on that floor. Since our dogs are great at finding such things, maybe they are hunting around the kitchen looking for a morsel to eat.

But can the same be said of us as well? Do we have morsels of food on us? Well, in short…perhaps. Maybe we have dropped a morsel of food on ourselves and they pick up that sent and are diving in for a taste of it. Another possibility is simply that they like the taste of the salt on our skin. Yup…dogs like that as well.

Here’s another option for you: This is indeed one way that our dogs show their considerable amount of affection towards us. They like to lick us because indeed it is their way of kissing us and showing us they love us.

Well, for a few more ideas on why our dogs love to lick so much, check out today’s article.

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