Transformation For a Wonderful, Loving Dog



Grounds & Hounds is a great company who do a lot of good work with dog adoptions and shelters. One thing I love about them is how they like to highlight transformation stories.

Oftentimes, in their line of work, they will come across dogs who have either been mistreated, abused, neglected or simply injured through accident.

When they do, they do their best to help these dogs recover and enjoy a full life with a loving family. Better than all of this, they love to share these stories on their blog and show people the wonderful progress these dogs have made.

It’s wonderful to be able to help out such loving and wonderful creatures. As dogs give us so much of their love and comfort, it is always a wonderful and sweet moment when we can do just the same for them.

Though we may not always get the chance to do so ourselves, we can look at such stories like the ones from Grounds & Hounds and be cheered by all they do to help out.

We encourage you today to take a look at this wonderful story of Gordon, a Pit Bull Terrier who was discovered wandering with severe burns on his body.

Take a look at the wonderful story of recovery and transformation.

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