Training Tips: Come!



Here are some great training tips for you and your best friend. Getting your dog to come on command is one of the most important commands to teach. But how do you go about it, in the first place?

Here are a few tips that will help you along the way.

First off, remember that repetition is a key concept in all of training. Being consistent in the use of the command…how you structure it and say it…the intonation and tone of your voice are all important things for you to keep consistent for the sake of your dog.

In addition, in the beginning of training, you may want to consider using a reward program to teach your dog to come and any other commands you will be teaching him. Remember to be consistent in the application of such a command, and you will definitely see results.

Finally, another aspect of training could be either a visual cue or a sound that you give with the word command. So…if you are going to whistle, always do it in the same way and order along with the command. You may say, “Come,” and then whistle after that. Always maintain this order so your dog can easily memorize it.

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