This Is One Smart Yorkie!



Here’s a story that warms our hearts and brings cheer to our day. A Yorkie that was stolen from its home last month had the good sense to flag down a van for help. You see, it had escaped from its captives and was now out looking for help.

But the help that it had the good sense to get was not any kind. What kind of van did it flag down with barks? You guessed it…it was a van from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Abused Animals. What are the chances?!?

This dog was 100 miles away from its home and its beloved owners. However, this never stopped the dog from hoping, and its owners never stopped hoping as well that it would soon be found.

Dog and pet theft is unfortunately an all too common occurrence in our day. It is so sad to see the cruelty and selfishness of some people, and the extent they will go to have what is not theirs.

However, we are definitely cheered by such stories as this that help us get through the day and remind us continually of how special, awesome and innovative our dogs really are.

Read the full, amazing story here: 100 miles from home, a stolen dog flags down RSPCA for ride