This Incredible Hulk! Meet this 175lb Hulk of Love!



Check out this incredible Hulk! Here’s a 175 pound pit bull who is just one big, lovable member of the family. He’s just 18 months old, so you know…he’s still a growing boy!

At this size, it’s quite possible that Hulk is the largest pit bull on record. He’s loved very deeply by his family, and is a caring protector over them. Hulk is raised as a guard dog, and for that reason he is trained very well and consistently. He is well cared for and deeply loved.

Now seriously, if there isn’t a dog who needs a Big Barker Bed like this 175lb pit bull…well, then…

Check out Hulk at play with his younger bro.


Watch: The Hulk of ddkline & His brother singing a song!