Protecting Our Beloved From Predators



Depending on what part of the country you live in, as well as the actual location of your dwelling, one thing you may need to think about very seriously is “predator-proofing” your home for the sake of your dogs.

Now, I know…our dogs are on the big side. And we may think that our dogs can take care of themselves. However, some predators do travel in packs, and so it’s always a good side to err on the side of caution.

You may think, for a second, that perhaps this is overly cautious…but let me share with you a story:

I used to live in an area that was near some hiking trails appropriately called, Coyote Hills. Now, the area I lived in was not in the hilly part. It was your typical, suburban neighborhood. The hiking trails were close enough, but still surrounded by houses, etc.

Well, at night it seems as if a pack of coyotes were actually coming down into the neighborhood streets. They had run out of food supplies in their area, and took to roaming the streets very late at night. Scary, stuff…and wouldn’t you know that some of our dogs…big dogs, were a bit on edge.

Thankfully, nothing happened and a humane way of transporting the coyotes to a different region was found as a solution.

All of this is to say…take a look at this article if you find you are in need of learning how to safely protect your beloved pets.

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