Preparing Your Dogs for Natural Disasters



Here’s a helpful video on an important subject. Everyone should have a disaster plan. You should have your important documents, food storage, and meeting places figured out long before any disaster ever strikes.

However, one thing…or perhaps we should say, very important person, that can sometimes be forgotten in the plans is our dog. We sometimes expect that our dogs will naturally come with us as soon as disaster strikes, and this may be the case…but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare ahead of time.

One thing you can do for your dog is have a “go bag” already prepped and ready. Have an extra leash in the bag, waste baggies, any medications your dog may need (of course checking the expiration dates), perhaps some canned food or kibble with a long shelf life, a few toys, and some medical supplies.

Having all of this in one place will save you the time of running around and trying to remember what to grab when the unfortunate and unexpected strikes.

Remember, your dog is just as much a part of the family as the rest of you. So be prepared.


Watch: How to include pets in your disaster preparedness plans