You and Your Dog's Health

Here’s a nice article summing up an important topic: epilepsy in dogs. Yes, it is true that dogs may develop epilepsy. What are the causes of epilepsy? Well, for one, sadly it can develop due to a brain tumor or other physical malady the dog may be facing. But did you also know that food poisoning can also be a cause of epilepsy, and may be an indicator that all is not right.

It is best to take your dog into the vet to have them evaluate and diagnose the cause of the epilepsy. But when in the moment, before you can get your dog there, make sure to do a few things: don’t touch your dog (this may cause excess stimulation) and dim the lights and keep the room quiet; also make sure there are no objects around that may hurt the dog.

One other thing you might want to keep in mind is to limit your own noise and behavior. The more you get upset, frantic or scared the more your dog is going to feed off of your emotions. So try to keep a cool head in the midst of everything that is going on…this will definitely be the best thing for you and your dog.

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