Your Dog Wants to Take You for a Walk

Fitness and dogs go together like ham and eggs, and today we have a great article for you by Klaudia Seidl from Zblog.She writes agreat post on pets and our happiness.

There’s no doubt that dogs have a direct impact on our health and fitness. Just think of all the times you’ve seen your dog nudge that leash towards you, looking up at you with those puppy eyes. Yeah, it’s cute and it makes us smile…but more than that it gets us off our own rumps and out and about. And this helps both you and your dog. It helps your mood and it also helps your waistline every time you take your best friend out for that evening stroll. These walks are great for getting you up and off that couch and out for some fresh air, which, in turn, helps with raising that heart level and getting that ever-important calorie burn. See how much our dogs love us!

Did you know there’s another added benefit to your dog walking you…and that’s the impact it can have on your social life. When we’re out walking your favorite buddy you are more prone for social engagement, talking with others who are out about with their own dogs. This is scientifically proven! Just askJaneane Garofalo from The Truth About (not so much) Cats & Dogs: