Dog Tech Conference

Here’s an interesting article regarding a conference dedicated to new dog technology that is either on the horizon or soon to come out.

Pet technology is a huge industry, and it’s always interesting to see what sorts of things are on the horizon. One big thing these days is a fitbit type of technology for your dogs. So just like humans are able to track their steps and see if they hit their fitness goals by wearing a tech bracelet or watch, dogs will also be able to wear something that owners can use to track their progress.

This is great, especially if you are away all day at work and wondering if your dog is up and about.

Another product, and one that we tend to see being refined as the years go by, is a food or snack delivery system that is either automated or controlled by the internet.

And finally, we tend to see a lot of communication devices for dogs and owners. It’s always interesting to see how these devices evolve over the years, and where we are going next.

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