Caring for Our Beloved Dogs

A beautiful story today of one who takes the time out of her schedule to care for the sick and homeless dogs around us. Dogs are loving creatures who are looking for a lap to curl up in, or a body to press against. They are looking for that scratch behind the ears and that pat on the back.

Our dogs love for and long for our touch on a daily basis. They are some of the friendliest and most loving creatures put on this planet.

To care for a dog is a wonderful gift and responsibility. Spending time with them is a wonderful way of bringing much love and care to their lives. And I don’t have to convince you, you know that they are simply longing for that time.

How do you find yourself caring for your dogs as spring time approaches? The days are longer and the weather is warming up. Perhaps now, more than ever, is a great opportunity to spend those extra hours with them. You can walk through the park, through the ball and enjoy some wonderful times of chasing each other around.

Take the time to enjoy.


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