Chillin’ in Comfort: Big Barker Kulkote Bed Review

Meet Alexis McCagh, who holds a Master of Science in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, and serves as Dr. Harvey’s Influencer/Community Manager. Alexis and her dog Larry put our Kulkote Upgrade to the test, and gave it an honest review. Read her full review below! 

Do you also have a dog that gets warm or cold easily? My dog, Larry, has a double coat so he naturally runs warm. Even though it’s January and pretty chilly here in New Jersey, he still gets hot, especially before bed. We were so excited to find out that Big Barker offers Kulkote Treatment as an add-on to their already incredible beds!

What is Kulkote?

Kulkote is a temperature regulating technology. Kulkote uses Phase Change Material (PCM) to help regulate your dog’s body temperature (and yours too if you like to snuggle up with them in their Big Barker). PCM is a substance with a high heat fusion which stores and releases large amounts of energy.

When your dog is warm and they go to lay on their bed, they will experience a cooling sensation.That’s not all - if your dog lays on their bed when they are cold, the PCM will sense their temperature, releasing the stored heat energy, which will result in a warming effect. So not only is Kulkote beneficial for dogs that run warm, it can be great for dogs that get cold easily too!

Benefits of a KulKote Treated Big Barker Bed

  1. Temperature Regulation: Whether you have a dog that runs warm, like Larry, or a dog that runs cold, the Kulkote treatment will help regulate their temperature. This means your pup can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep regardless of the season.
  2. Easy to Use: There’s no need to worry about plugging anything in or configuring settings. As soon as your bed arrives, it’s ready to provide your dog with the ultimate sleeping experience.
  3. Enhanced Joint Support: Big Barker beds are clinically proven to help dogs with joint issues. When combined with the Kulkote treatment, these beds offer an even higher level of joint comfort and support so that your pup can wake up feeling refreshed.

Our Experience

Larry has always been a fan of his Big Barker beds, but the addition of the Kulkote treatment has taken his comfort to a whole new level. Since receiving a Kulkote treated Big Barker bed, I’ve noticed a significant change in his sleeping habits. Larry now spends even more time lounging and resting in his bed than ever before. Previously, he would go back and forth from his bed to the cool tile floor. He doesn’t have a need to do that now since his bed keeps his body temperature regulated.

One of the most striking observations is the reduction in his panting at night. Before, Larry would pant heavily before going to sleep for at least 30-40 minutes before he could cool down. Since switching to the Kulkote-treated bed, his panting has noticeably decreased allowing him to relax and fall asleep quickly. This change has been a relief as it’s clear that he’s experiencing a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Additionally, the bed supports Larry’s joints effectively. Larry has a neurological issue that affects his hind legs, but having a Big Barker bed has allowed him to stay comfortable throughout the day. Big Barker beds are known to reduce pain and stiffness, improve gait and joint function, and help dogs sleep better and we can confirm all of these to be true.

The ease of maintenance and durability of Big Barker beds are also worth mentioning. You can easily remove the cover to wash it, which is a huge plus for keeping your dog’s sleeping area clean and hygienic. Overall, our experience with Big Barker and our new experience with a Kulkote treated bed has been overwhelmingly positive, offering noticeable improvements in Larry’s comfort and sleep quality. It’s a product we’d highly recommend to other dog owners looking for a solution to their pets’ temperature regulation and comfort needs.

Other Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool

  1. Keep Them Hydrated: Ensure your dog always has water easily accessible, no matter which room they’re in. Proper hydration is essential for regulating body temperature.
  2. Create a breeze: Consider placing a fan near your dog’s bed, allowing them to enjoy a gentle, cooling breeze. It’s a simple way to keep them comfortable in warmer weather.
  3. Make Frozen Treats: Treat your pup to some frozen goodies. Most dogs love frozen treats and they can provide a delightful cooldown. Check out this fun recipe!

Final Thoughts

The Big Barker bed with Kulkote treatment is a remarkable innovation for pet owners, particularly for those with dogs like Larry who are prone to temperature sensitivity. Its ability to regulate temperature using the advanced Phase Change Material technology ensures that your pup can enjoy both cooling and warming comforts as needed. Coupled with the bed's ease of use and its clinically proven joint support, the Big Barker Kulkote bed stands out as a top choice for ensuring your dog's comfort and well-being. Whether your dog tends to run warm or cold, this bed offers a simple yet effective solution to help them rest comfortably throughout the year. As we continue to explore ways to keep our canine companions happy and healthy, Big Baker continues to prove to be valuable additions to our pet care arsenal.


Meet the Author: 

Alexis McCagh, who holds a Masters of Science in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University, passionately fulfills the role of Dr. Harvey’s Influencer/Community Manager. Alexis holds Pet Food Nutrition and Canine Nutrition certifications from the Feed Real Institute and dedicates herself to enlightening others about animal nutrition. Through her insightful blog, Love + Tail Wags, she shares a wealth of knowledge to foster a community nurtured with understanding and love for animal wellbeing. Visit Love + Tail Wags!


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