Family Gives Dog His Own Graduation Photo So He Doesn't Feel Left Out

Graduation season is here as college and high school students get ready to start a new chapter of their lives. With this celebration, there is a lot of preparation required, like finishing classes, picking out the perfect outfit, and taking graduation pictures.

As Alex was preparing for her own graduation, she and her family wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy the season. Ollie, their chocolate lab, joined the family just as Alex’s older sister went to college. Alex then went to college and her graduation ceremony was cancelled because of the pandemic. Luckily, her family was still able to make her graduation special complete with a photoshoot. As they admired the girls’ graduation pictures, they realized someone very important was missing...Ollie! They knew another photo shoot was necessary and they got lots of cute pictures of Ollie with his “dog-ploma.” 


Ollie's Graduation picture

The only step left was adding Ollie’s graduation pictures with his sisters. Now, a beautiful wall of graduations will always welcome their guests. Read the full story here.


Wall of Graduation Pictures

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