What Is The Ortolani Test For Hip Dysplasia In Dogs?

What Is The Ortolani Test For Hip Dysplasia In Dogs? 

The Ortolani Test is an orthopedic maneuver that a veterinarian can use to determine whether a young dog, a very young dog, has hip dysplasia. So basically the test was named after a scientist, his last name was Ortolani. And in the test what the veterinarian does is they put your puppy on his back, and then they take the legs and put the back legs straight up. In this position, they will rotate them and then they’ll put slight pressure on the legs.

If the hip joint subluxates, such as the femur slides right out of the joint, it's a good indicator of your dog's risk of hip dysplasia. Because those hip joints should not subluxate. And if they are, when a veterinarian performs an Ortolani test or an Ortolani maneuver then there’s a higher likelihood that that puppy has some hip dysplasia.


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