Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You? The Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to letting your dog sleep in bed with you. Some people feel that it's a great way to show their dog how much they love them, while others believe that it can lead to problems such as allergies or behavioral issues.

Dr. Hannah Capon took a closer look at both sides of the argument and help you decide what is best for you and your furry friend!

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You? The Pros and Cons

This is a very personal opinion. I think it's very dependent on you and your dog. Does Luna share the bed with me? Well, yeah, she does. And would I change it for the world? No, I absolutely adore bedtime with me and Luna. I sleep well. She sleeps. I feel safe and she feels safe.

One pro to sharing a bed with your dog is sharing body heat if it is cold outside where you live.

What are the negatives of me sharing a bed with Luna? Well, because she sleeps pretty sound, she's behaviorally okay. I don't have any allergies and I know she is not carrying any disease, we can be sure we won't have any problems.

However, if you had a dog that was trickier to interpret it could be more of a danger.

Underlying Allergies

If your dog had underlying allergies, especially to things like house dust mites, that's not ideal because we know that they are in a higher concentration in pillows and duvets.

Behavior or Health Issues

If your dog had a horrible disease like diarrhea, and then that's not gonna be good for your health either.

So it's very, very dog dependent. If it makes you happy and there's no negative consequences that you can see, go for it.