Is Rimadyl an Effective Treatment for Arthritis?

Is Rimadyl an Effective Treatment for Canine Arthritis?

The short answer is, yes. In certain stages of the disease, it can be a brilliant intervention. However, as we know, arthritis progresses. And sometimes that Rimadyl or that anti-inflammatory, isn't able to control the pain sufficiently and we have to add to it.

How can Gabapentin help with canine arthritis?

One of the things that we often use is a drug called Gabapentin. Now Gabapentin is very, very different, and it works well with Rimadyl. So it's not like you're placing a brick on top of a brick. This is a jigsaw puzzle. And we're using one part of the jigsaw puzzle with the non-steroidal called Rimadyl. The other part of the jigsaw puzzle, which fits nicely together is Gabapentin.

Gabapentin works on something called neuropathic pain. It's a different pain. We know that when arthritic joints progress, they then create a different pain called neuropathic pain. And Gabapentin is very effective at that. However, you have to work with your vet to make sure you get the right dose. There isn't a one dose fits all. Some dogs do very well on a low dose infrequently, and some dogs need a high dose frequently.

So it isn't a one size fits all, but you can work with your vet to get the right answer for you.


For additional information about canine arthritis, check out Dr. Capon's work at Canine Arthritis Management.


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