Everyday Exercise For Your Dog Routine

Dog owners are frequently thinking of ways to maintain the health and fitness of their dogs. Exercise is one of the most efficient ways through which humans and dogs can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If you have an Emotional Support Dog or are looking for ways to keep your dog fit and fine, keep reading to learn the most effective everyday exercises that are easy to perform with your furry friend!


The most common exercise we can offer to our dogs is walking. You do not need to go on a hike or run a 5k to maintain your dog's stamina; 15-20 minutes daily can help maintain your dog's good health.

Let your dog use their nose to explore the world, while also getting some exercise. Do not rush behind your dog; allow them to explore new things while you are out for a walk. To let your dog see and smell new things, try to take a different route.

You can alternately let your dog take the lead by following them wherever they go rather than you giving them walking instructions. Your pup will also like it, and you will enjoy a change of pace from your typical day. To encourage your dogs to walk, make sure to stop when they want you to.

Regular Playtime

Regular play sessions are a great way to give your dog moderate exercise while letting them control their activity level. Even if your dog gets weary while out for a walk, you still need to return home. However, playtime with your dog at home, a daycare visit, or a visit to a dog park allows your dog to quit when they run out of gas.

Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking with your dog can be ideal for you if you enjoy exploring nature and its beauty. Instead of just taking your dog for a walk, hiking allows your pup to experience the surroundings on a deeper level.

When you first start hiking with your dog, make sure you take short day hikes in cold places. Stay away from challenging routes with many uneven surfaces until your dog gets used to easy-to-moderate hikes and becomes more sure-footed. Make sure that you carry enough water with you. If you're planning to make your dog's bag pack, ensure it is adequately balanced and not too heavy.

Make Them Climb the Stairs

If you're looking for everyday indoor exercise, then there is no better way to make your dog climb the stairs. You can instruct your dog to follow you while you climb the stairs or throw a ball or soft toy upstairs for them to fetch. Always praise them when they help you or climb the stairs to keep them motivated.


Running is one of the great ways to maintain your dog's high energy levels. You can even take your dog jogging if you do not have much time over a day. When running with your dog, start off slowly and gradually increase your distance and speed. Avoid running in the hot weather, especially on hot asphalt, which can burn your dog's paws. Keep an eye on your dog's tolerance level for exercise and give them rests when necessary.

Field Trip To the Park

Taking your dog to parks is a great idea because canines enjoy socializing with other dogs, like humans do. Dogs like to interact socially and can even come up with games to play with other pups. It will also help them develop their social skills and learn new dog-friendly games.

If there are no other pets in the park, you can bring your ball and toys to play with your pup. If your neighbors or other friends like to play, invite them to your home for some playtime which you and your dog will enjoy.

Play Hide And Seek With Your Dog

Playing hide and seek with your dog is another effective way to make your dog exercise. Dogs may get bored by following the same daily exercise routine. Playing hide and seek with your dog can add a little fun element to their day-to-day exercise routine. For the first game, find your home's hiding location and then call your dog to come! This will not only increase their energy level but also stimulate their brain's cognition abilities.

Nose Work Games

Dog owners usually engage in the entertaining sport of nose games to enhance their dogs' mental and physical development. This not only keeps them mentally and physically active but also enhances their scent-smelling abilities. You can hide these boxes by keeping treats in the boxes and leaving a scent trail so that they can find them.

When you can't take your pets outside, you can create your own "go find it games" at home in this manner. When they successfully follow the trail and find the boxes, don't forget to congratulate them and give them a treat.

Agility Classes

Are you aware of dog agility classes — also known as dog yoga classes? Yes, there are some dog classes and agility classes where your pet can go and exercise with you. That means you can now enroll your pet in these sessions and exercise with them, which helps them maintain their fitness.

Performing these everyday exercises with your dog will become an easy and practical way to get them to burn off those calories. You do not have to put much effort into exercising your dog because they are naturally playful. There are various additional methods such as making them dance, playing tug of war, chasing bubbles, and more!

Article Written By: Salvatore S. Randazzo

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