Can Hip Dysplasia In Dogs Come Suddenly?

Hip dysplasia is usually present from birth, but oftentimes, we don’t see the signs until later, in that case, it can seem that the dog was normal one day and abnormal the next. It often happens with dogs that their hips pop out of joint, or they subluxate their hip joint. Those dogs will be running around fine, and then they’ll come up lame suddenly, and they’ll hold their leg up, and they will yelp out in pain, and they will look like it hurts, because it does hurt. Their hip joint just popped out. Other dogs that develop the signs with arthritis in hip dysplasia, those signs tend to come on pretty slowly.

Dr. Sarah Wooten

A lifelong dog lover, Dr. Wooten is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with 16 years experience in small animal general practice.

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