The Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bed

Today we're answering the question of why you might want an elevated dog bed or a raised dog bed. Initially, people asking this question might be thinking about the Kuranda style beds with a PVC pipe frame. That's a different style of bed that you might get to raise a bed off the floor if the dog bed is going to be outside or in a place where water might collect. That's a different sort of bed.

If you're looking for an elevated dog bed that offers support and comfort for your dog, you'll want both a raised and orthopedic dog bed. When we designed Big Barker beds, we made sure it'd be both. In the video above, you'll see an egg crate foam pad that's considered a normal dog bed — it's barely a few inches off the ground.  The Big Barker is 7 inches high.

The Big Barker has extreme orthopedic value because of its proprietary foam construction, but it also has what we call the height health advantage. That's because a dog can walk on and walk off a bed this high, as opposed to a bed that is low to the ground.

Sometimes an older dog with creaky joints or arthritis or hip dysplasia or any sort of painful condition can struggle to get from being all the way down on the ground. But with the Big Barker, they can kind of scoot to the side and almost walk on or walk off the bed, easing some of the stress to their joints. 


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