What is the Big Barker Bed Made Of?

We make our Big Barker beds here in America, but a lot of people have questions about what the bed is made of. Check out our answers for some of the most commonly asked questions.


Big Barker Bed Construction


How do your beds compare to other memory foam beds?

We’ve got several imitators who import pre-made beds from China and put their own brand name on them, trying to pass them off as something innovative. Thousands of Chinese factories try to replicate successful American products like the Big Barker, and then some opportunists here in our own country look to make a quick buck by passing these cheap beds off as their own invention. It’s frustrating, but part of business. We started in 2012, saw our first knockoff by 2014. Hey, I guess if we’ve been copied for so many years, we must be doing something right :) We won’t comment on any one specific imitator, but what they’re often doing is called “Private Labeling.” It’s not illegal, but we think it’s pretty unethical. Here’s the full story.

What is the foam made of?

We use American made polyurethane based orthopedic foam. It'll last much longer than most memory foam used in dog beds, and it's more comfortable (in our opinion). The two ratings are H10 for the outer comfort layers and a middle support layer of H45. That's the amount of pressure needed in a small area (about the size of your palm) to compress the foam by 25% (the 10 in H10 is 10 lbs, 45 in H45 is 45 lbs). The H10 is chosen because larger dogs will sink in deep enough for the foam to form around joints and pressure points. And the middle H45 layer is resilient enough to make sure that no dog ever sinks anywhere close to the floor. This is what makes a bed orthopedic, the dog must never ever feel pressure from the floor on his or her joints. I hope that helps!

How big is the headrest?

On the standard Big Barker, the headrest is 4" high, and 8" deep.

Will the Big Barker Bed make my dog too hot?

The heat trapping issue has more to do with the inside of the bed rather than the cover. It's a common problem with memory foam beds. Because memory foam is "closed cell", there is almost no room for air to circulate through the bed, which will make it retain body heat.

This is one of the reasons we don't use memory foam. Our American made orthopedic foam is an open cell. It will not trap body heat, and shouldn't cause a dog (or a human!) to be too hot under normal circumstances.


What does the Big Barker Warranty Cover?

Our “Can’t Flatten, Won’t Flatten” warranty will do more than protect your big dog’s quality of life—it’s designed to protect you, too. We guarantee that your Big Barker will support your big dog for at least 10 years, retaining at least 90% of its original shape, size and supportive power, or we'll replace it for free.


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