What is the Backseat Barker?

Meet the first ever “shock-absorbing” dog bed - lovingly designed for discerning SUV owners who want to wheel their dog around in unmatched style and comfort. Handcrafted with the same super-supportive foam technology as our best-selling orthopedic beds, the Backseat Barker: SUV Edition is geared to add to your dog’s joint-health and contentedness on any journey. 

Dog on Backseat Barker
The Backseat Barker: SUV Edition was born because “bumps in the road” both big and small - can easily jar a dog’s joints, especially at higher speeds. From our plush foam driver’s seat, the road may seem smooth, but for a dog laying on a hard, unforgiving trunk floor - every road can feel way too much like an uneven gravel driveway.

Naturally, it’s bad for any dog to be bouncing off the floor of any SUV with no true shock absorption. As rock-hard metal and plastic floor fixtures dig dangerously into their dog’s hips and legs. Especially for a big dog prone to joint issues - that’s bad news. Even on short drives.

Backseat barker outside

Until now the best any of us have been able to do to help our dogs is to place a thin rug or comforter beneath them. It’s been better than nothing - but now you can gift them the ultimate comfort and joint-care upgrade.

We’ve used our three decades of foam engineering experience to construct a backseat solution that gives you a stylish “Big Barker in the back” rather than an increasingly ratty rug or blanket - and that gives your dog, the most comfy ride of their life!

PLUS… the best feature of this bed’s unique design might be that this bed has wings! Yes, our one-of-a-kind “winged” design allows this super-supportive bed to fit nice ‘n’ snug into into any SUV trunk.

Winged design of Backseat Barker
The Backseat Barker comes in two colors (Khaki and Charcoal Gray) and three sizes to fit your vehicle perfectly!

Here are some tips to choosing the right size for you:

  • Ideally, the total width of the Backseat Barker (including the pillow wings) should be wider than your SUV. This way the pillow wings can lean against the side walls. The foam should not be wider than the back of your SUV so it easily fits in your vehicle.
  • The most important measurement is the depth, which is the amount of space needed between the backseat and the trunk door. There is a 10 inch depth difference between each size.

Our Size Guide:

  • Medium:
    • Dimensions: (including pillow wings) 55” wide x 25” deep x 3” thick
    • Inner Foam: 30” wide x 25” deep x 3” thick
    • Examples: Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Jeep Latitude
  • Large:
    • Dimensions: (including pillow wings) 58” wide x 35” deep x 3” thick
    • Inner Foam: 33” wide x 35” deep x 3” thick
    • Examples: Ford Edge, Honda CRV, Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Extra Large:
    • Dimensions: (including pillow wings) 61” wide x 45” deep x 3” thick
    • Inner Foam: 36” wide x 45” deep x 3” thick
    • Examples: Ford Explorer, Chevy Suburban, Dodge Grand Caravan

Great Danes on Backseat Barker

Want even more reasons about why to get a Backseat Barker? We've got you covered:

    • Keep Hair At Bay! Everyone likes a nice clean trunk. And now you can give your car stylish protection from the hairpocalypse - all while you give your four-legged friend the smoothest ride on four wheels.
    • No Installation Needed! Just place it in your trunk.
    • Space Galore! The 3-inch “low-profile” of this Backseat Barker means you can stack whatever you want on top of your SUV bed without needing to take the bed in and out. Shopping bags, bikes, tools, there’s always room to spare!
    • 10-Year Guarantee! Our foam will retain 90% of original shape and loft for an entire decade, or your money back.
    • Always American! The highest quality foam is always American. And it’s the only kind of foam you’ll ever find in any Big Barker product. That’s why our foam doesn’t flatten or pancake over time.
    • Superior Softness! 100% Microfiber cover is soft to the touch. A stylish addition to any SUV.
    • Famously Flexible & Forgiving Return Policy! If you change your mind after ordering, or if your dog just doesn’t like their new SUV bed for any reason whatsoever, you can always ship it back to us for an exchange or a full refund. We’ll even pick up the tab for shipping! That’s how confident we are that your dog will absolutely love this unique bed.
    • Fast & Easy To Clean! The top cover has beautifully hidden zippers that extend a full 70% around the foam construction - meaning the foam is always easy to take out and replace. The attached “pillow wings” can also be popped out and put back with no fuss whatsoever. Making this unique backseat bed always quick and easy to machine wash.
    • Protective Pillow Power! Your bed’s poofy, high-fiber “pillow wings” conform around the side of your trunk to create extra padding in the case of fast turns or emergency maneuvers. 


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