What are Orthopedic Dog Beds?

What Are Orthopedic Dog Beds?

Some companies call their beds orthopedic, simply because they're made of foam. But there's a lot more that goes into an orthopedic dog bed.

The term 'orthopedic' is supposed to mean that the bed is going to be comfortable for a dog's joints and improve their quality of life as they get older and develop joint pain.

Unfortunately, the term 'orthopedic' got sort of bastardized to mean anything made out of foam, because it sounds better than a normal dog bed. So a lot of dog bed manufacturers, especially the ones in China, started calling their beds orthopedic. So I want to show you the difference between a real orthopedic bed and a fake orthopedic bed. 


It Starts with the Foam

First, our Big Barker foam is made in America. The bed is 7" thick and has 3 layers of foam. Our beds are real beds, like the ones you or I would buy for ourselves. A dog will be comfortable — a human will be comfortable laying on this, which I demonstrate in the video above. 

The other bed you'll see in the video is also sold as an 'orthopedic' bed on Amazon. Believe it or not, this bed has over 5,000 reviews, most of them very positive, but our bed and their bed could not be more different! 


Construction Counts

This imposter orthopedic bed sells for $50-$60 and it's called a large bed. Inside the cover is a flimsy little piece of egg crate foam. When you push your hand onto the egg crate foam, you can immediately feel the wood floor below.

A dog of any size whatsoever is going to sink right to the bottom of this flimsy bed. And their joints and pressure points are going to grind right into the ground. They call this orthopedic because it's made of foam, but it clearly has no orthopedic value whatsoever. Whereas a Big Barker is made like mattresses are made for people.

The Big Barker is made of very high quality, American made, orthopedic foam. The top layer is designed for the dog to sink in a little bit, so the foam wraps around their joints. Then, our middle layer is a much more resilient foam. This foam is there so that the dog does not sink any further through the bed. So on a bed like this, the joints stay off the floor. This is a real bed. This is an orthopedic dog bed.

The other bed, it's a joke — a painful embarrassment to be called an orthopedic dog bed. But when you go to Amazon and you go to the pet store, this is what they sell as orthopedic. I would not want my dog sleeping on one of these egg crate foam beds, I want my dog sleeping on a real bed.


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