You're Contagious! Dogs Feel Our Emotions

sick dog


There’s no doubt about it, our dogs are the best. A new study confirms as such. What does it find? Our dogs understand us far better than we ever thought. There’s something known as emotional contagion. Scientists study it in the animal kingdom all the time. It’s the concept that animals are able to feel one another’s emotions and even feed off of them and respond to them.

To us, as humans, we see this as no big deal. But consider this: these animals not only do it with their own species, but also across species as well. Ever have your dog come lay its head in your lap when you’re not feeling well, or after having a hard day?

Well, that’s your dog feeling your own state of being and empathizing with you. But that empathy has a point as well. Not only do they feel what you are feeling, but they also try to help.

Our dogs are truly amazing. They love us and care for us…they try to make things better when we are down, and they absolutely love it when we are up and happy.

Let’s be thankful for these magnificent companions today!

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