Dog Hack-A-Thon...Tips and Tricks for Your Best Friend

Today we have a video for you with some great tips, tricks, and hacks to use with your best friend. For example, I’m sure if you have a long-haired dog then one of the things you have to contend with is that shaggy coat of hair not just on “Burt the wonder-spaniel,” but also all over the house. Because we all know, that hair isn’t simply going to stay on Burt. Nooo…that would be far too easy. So what’s a quick way to pick up all that sheddy goodness? Slip on a pair of rubber gloves and simply run your hands over the carpet. You’ll be picking up that hair in no time.

Another thing you can do is take a squeegee and run it across the floor. You’ll be picking up hair in no time.

For 6 more hacks, make sure to watch today’s video: