Special Dogs

pit bull


Did you know that there are special-needs dogs? I’m sure you do know…usually we see those lovely pictures of them. They utilize special harnesses to help them walk and run…you’ve seen the pictures of them on the beach or in the park…running along on wheels. They are the cutest thing ever.

But there is also another type of special-needs dog. It’s the type that may have emotional discomfort. Many times this means that they have a fear discomfort.

What does a fear discomfort do in a dog? Well, it can do multiple things. It can lead them to have a very strong fight or flight response when approached. It can lead them to essentially be “edgy.”

But does this mean that a dog like this cannot be cared for? Of course not. Such dogs like this are very lovable and adorable barkers. They may need a gentle hand, a loving pat, a friendly scratch behind the ears.

Today’s article will give you further information on how to care for a dog that has emotional discomfort. If anything, it will encourage you to take your time with such dogs, for they are surely worth it.

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