Bentley Reunited with His Loving Owner


A lovely video today of Nurse Nina Pham finally being united with her loving dog, Bentley. You’ll recall that Bentley was quarantined after it was discovered that Nurse Pham had contracted the Ebola virus and was in need of treatment. Initially, there was a great deal of public outcry over the quarantine due to fears that Bentley would be put down. This largely stemmed from the unfortunate circumstances of the dog in Spain who was put down.

Instead, the Dallas city hall took care of Bentley and gave him a home while his loving owner recuperated. Just a few days ago Bentley and his owner were finally reunited.

As of now, there is no evidence that animals can pass the Ebola virus to humans. We commend the Dallas City Hall officials for taking care of Bentley during this time and not giving into the unsubstantiated notion that animals can infect humans.

Watch the full video here: