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Select Size: Medium (33.2" x 21.2" x 4")
Select Color: Tough Black Cordura

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This is an extra cover for the Big Barker Crate Bed. Make sure to buy the same size as your bed. This cover will only fit Big Barker Crate Beds.


  • Machine washable. Wash on cold. Dry using low heat.
  • Cover unzips for easy removal.


  • Cordura (Tough and Water Resistant)
  • Microsuede (Luxury)

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

"This bed is a game changer! I purchased 2 of the crate beds and I love them. The dogs took to them right away, and the waterproof liner is great for pee or throw up. I highly recommend!"
"The Big Barker crate bed is the only bed that has survived my pups. The padding on the bed is super supportive, and I feel entirely comfortable knowing that my pups are comfortable in their crates. Well worth the money, and you get exactly what you pay for!"
"Our girl, Duchess, loves her Big Barker crate bed! It's helping her post surgery so much. Thank you for making such an amazing product for our baby!"
"I could not be happier with Shadow’s crate bed. At almost six years of age, I knew I should not wait any longer in protecting her joints and overall comfort. Thank you Big Barker for giving Shadow a comfortable place to sleep and making it an affordable invest in caring for a great dog!"
"Our 16-month-old Newfie absolutely loves her cooling crate bed. She is typically always hot and this has been a game changer for her! Worth every, single penny! We are getting a new puppy in the Fall and getting him one too!"
"I absolutely love this crate bed and the washable cover!! My German shepherd has hip dysplasia, so making him comfortable in any way I can is really important to me. It’s super durable and can withstand a lot of scratching around to get comfy and it has kept its shape perfectly."
"I’m so glad we found Big Barker. Not only is it twice as thick as his previous beds, its tougher too. The very first night he slept soundly without constant readjusting and had more energy in the morning. Thanks for making the only crate bed Lou will ever need!"
"Our dog literally would not get off, as soon as we got the Big Barker crate bed. This 18-week-old lab is in absolute heaven!
"The Big Barker crate bed is a great item for your pup. My dog absolutely loves it and now wants to go in his crate more now. Thank you for a great quality bed!"
"Our sweet 20-week-old lab loves her new crate bed!! She sleeps so much better in her crate and does not constantly move around and try to get comfortable as she did before. Highly recommend these beds. We will be looking to get another one for her for sure!"
"Big Barker crate beds are the best! Our dog, Zoey, truly loves it. It helps keep her from having problems in the future and is helping any joint pain she may have, but is not be able to tell me about!"
"This was a Christmas gift for our 2-year-old dog. No sooner had my kiddos unwrapped it than my pup sat right on top of it then laid on it the entire day. My only regret? That I had not purchased it sooner. This crate bed is unparalleled!"
"When the new bed arrived I was simply blown away by the quality. It's firm, really supportive and the cover is just as well designed as the bed. My pups love these beds and so do I. My 6 year old has made a full recovery and I am certain the bed helped tremendously!
"My Richie says “thank you, thank you,thank you!” No more having to replace bed every 4-5 months! Crate bed is up to your quality standards and love the cooling feature you have now. Couldn’t ask for more from you!"
"Our Senior Pyrenees climbed right up on her new XXL crate bed and made herself comfortable! Her happy face says it all! It's super comfy and supported my entire body too!"