The special dog bed loved by Great Danes

The special dog bed loved by Great Danes

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Provides orthopedic joint support
Eliminates painful pressure points
Improves your dog's quality of life

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Why do Great Danes need a special bed?

Why do Great Danes need a special bed?


This painful condition is found in up to 80% of dogs as they age.

Hip Dysplasia:

As many as 13% of all Danes suffer from this congenital disorder.

Wobbler Syndrome:

Great Danes are at risk for both congenital and trauma-induced Wobbler syndrome.

Metaphyseal Osteopathy:

This disease of the long bones affects young Great Danes.

There’s a Lot to Wag About

Kelsey Segatto


It’s been 4 months since we received our @bigbarkerusa bed and it is still in the same condition as when we opened the box...

Thank you @bigbarkerusa for making a REAL bed for big dogs, proven to improve her quality of life. We couldn’t be happier with our new giant Big Barker Bed.

Carly Steel


The Big Barker has been the first bed they’ve ever had that has maintained its quality and provided a consistently comfortable place to lay, offering our girls the best support for their big bodies.

This is the only bed that NEVER flattens. It is amazing I don’t know how they do it. Seriously, if you have a dog, you NEED a Big Barker in your life. We all know Archie can talk so you can ask him yourself