Brave Barkers: Edwards Surgery Recovery

The update you have been waiting for about Edward is finally here! Edward, the lovable, young pit bull who abandoned on a farm in Lancaster County, PA, was dirty, tired, and clearly injured.

But with the help of Brave Barkers, Pennridge Animal Hospital and 
Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue, Edward was able to have a much needed Patella Repair Surgery to regain his mobility and get back into the action he so deserves!

Heres a few pictures from his surgery that he had, last week. 

Thankfully, Edward is recovering amazing! Since surgery, he has been staying busy with engagement toys and puzzles, going for short walks and taking naps on his Big Barker bed. He has made such leaps and bounds in just a few days! We are all so amazed by his progress and how sweet he is!

Watch his recovery in action here:

Typically, Patella Repair Surgery requires a recovery of about 4-6 weeks. However, Edward's doctors are being extra cautious with him and will be monitoring his activity level to make sure he doesn’t overdo it. We want to make sure he has a full and speedy recovery so that he can have an active and healthy lifestyle forever!

We will continue to keep everyone updated on Edwards progress as he goes through his recovery. For now, we are just so grateful that he is safe, loved and on the road to a better life! Thank you all for your support!