Ant Update: Almost One Week Post Surgery!

Ant is almost one whole week out from his elbow surgery that he had with Dr. Brunke! Unfortunately, after an injury to his front limb, he had cartilage and chipped bone in his elbow and was experiencing a lot of pain! Thankfully, Ant was chosen as the very first Brave Barkers candidate, meaning his surgery and recovery/rehab was paid for entirely by anybody who has purchased a Big Barker bed in the past! 


Be sure to check out this adorable video of Ant on his Big Barker bed, resting and recovering like a champ!


His mom, Charlotte, says he is enjoying eating a bone. Ant is spending most of his time in his crate on his Big Barker crate pad, so that he can continue to stay safe and protect his front leg while it heals. At night, Ant gets to rest and enjoy a yummy snack outside of his crate! 

Soon, Ant will be back to doing the things he loves most: adventures, swimming, and exploring with his mom!


Be sure to check out the previous updates we have on Ant! For those who are catching up, Ant is the first Brave Barkers pup, which means his entire surgery was paid for by anybody who has bought a Big Barker bed! Ant is on his way to a better, healthier and happier life-- all thanks to YOU!

Day 2 Post Surgery:

Check to see what his mom, Charlotte, has to say about how he is doing on his 2nd day after surgery!

His mom, Charlotte, says he is being his goofy, loving self! He is really excited to feel better and wants to get up and about, but right now his doctors recommend that he only walks for a total of 5 minutes each potty break. This means 2.5 minutes out and 2.5 minutes back in! Thank goodness Ant has such a wonderful family to make sure he gets the rest he needs. 

Day 3 Post Surgery: 

Another day, another victory for Ant! He is up and moving, and looks like he is in so much less pain! Watch Ant putting more weight on his front right leg/elbow here:

We spoke with Charlotte and we were able to learn some awesome fun facts about Ant:

  1. Ant has two pup siblings who are both also Malinois! Their names are Etta and Mouse.
  2. Ant got his name from the book called The Dog Who Could Fly. The book is a story about a German Shepherd working dog who became a hero alongside his hero pilot handler. Ant was named to be a hero!
  3. Charlotte is so very excited to get to see Ant play and be a dog again! She is eager to get to watch him do his favorite things like swim and run.


Day 4 Post Surgery:

Ant is getting better and better each day! Watch to see him moving about on day 4 post surgery.

His mom says he is 'looking very good and moving very nicely'!

Keep up the wonderful work, Ant! We are so proud of you!

Keep checking back to hear about Ant's journey as he begins rehab and starts to strengthen that front elbow more and more. We can't wait to see him working hard to build back that muscle and gear up for some Summer adventures!