Ant's Surgery Update | Brave Barkers

We've got an update on Ant the Belgian Malinois – he's officially out of surgery and on the way home! You can see in the video below, he’s literally bouncing out of the hospital! Full of pep in the step!

Ant is a 2.5 year old who went into surgery yesterday to fix his left elbow. He’s been in a lot of pain and unable to live his normal life with his family and also as a FEMA certified search & rescue dog.

Here's Ant right after surgery with Mark from VSCR who cared for him after his surgery.

Matt says “He's doing fantastic after surgery, no issues, no complications. We removed a decent-sized bone fragment from his elbow, and with that out, he should be happy, healthy, and on the road to recovery real soon.” 

Ant hiking in rocky terrian

And remember... Ant’s surgery was totally paid for by everyone that’s purchased a Big Barker bed. He’s the first dog in our special Brave Barkers project, which will be funding surgeries and medical care for dogs with severe joint or mobility issues. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates!

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