Time Change Messing With Your Dog?

Have you noticed in the past few days if your dog seems to be a bit listless?

Perhaps your dog is coming over with the leash for “walk time” at different times than normal.

Perhaps the problem you’re having is with the time change. Not only does the recent time change have an impact on our internal clocks, but it also have an impact on your dog as well.

So what can you do? Well, it will take a little bit of patience, but eventually your dog will come around and be just as active as he used to be.

His time clock will reset itself and once again you’ll be off and running on your normal walks, play time and sleep time. Yes, it may take a few days, but just as we have to adjust to the time change, so do our dogs.

So don’t fret too much this weekend. Give it time, just as you need to give yourself a few days to make that adjustment.

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