Doggie Bed Time



There’s nothing better than having a nice little group of dogs together who love each other and enjoy each other’s company so much that they cannot get enough.

You’ll see these dogs running all over the place together…chasing each other as they chase the ball, stick and whatever else you might be throwing in the yard.

Even when things slow down for the day, and you are kicking your feet up on the stool, these dogs will still be going at it. They’ll be playfully nipping at each other and chasing each other’s tails. Maybe they’ll take a break for a bit to chase their own tails.

How does the day draw to a close? Perhaps with a refreshing gulp of water from the bowl and a great time of eating together, and more than likely each others, food.

Dogs like this love life and enjoy it to the fullest. So it’s no doubt when it comes to bed time they are completely and utterly exhausted. They’ve been playing like pups all day long, and after a hard day’s work, they are simply tuckered out.

Take a look at these pictures of dogs who certainly fit the bill of this description.

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