Dog Gone Memory

Not sure if you heard the reports the other day, but apparently studies have come forth claiming that a dog’s memory is a little suspect. How suspect, you ask?

Well, according to studies a dog has very, very short term memory. In fact, dogs can supposedly only remember life-sustaining acts that will prolong or better their life experience.

So…perhaps this is the reason our dogs seem to have a hard time “remembering” certain types of things, and yet other things they get down super fast.

Well, either way, we wonder about this study, because it seems as if there are plenty of things our dogs do that are not necessarily life-sustaining acts that they have memorized. I wonder, are these studies selling our dogs a bit short in the memory department?

We just saw recently a wonderful video of a trained dog who had memorized a number of tricks taught by his master. Interesting to see what the study would say about this dog.

And what about your own dogs? Dogs you have put quite a bit of time with as you train them and teach them. Are you always starting over from the beginning the next day? Perhaps some of our dogs are better in the memory department than others.

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