Just One of the Pack



Today I would like you to meet Arthur. Arthur was (and I want to emphasize the wordwas) a stray dog who happened to come across an adventure survival team. If you are unfamiliar with these types of teams and races, they are definitely not for the faint of heart.

An adventure survival team participates in an endurance race which is typically over 400 miles long. In this particular course, adventurers had to river raft, repel, climb, and trek for miles on end. Think of the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder, and then multiply those together and then multiply that result by another 1,000…and then you come close to the difficulty that is an adventure race.

Well, this particular team came across Arthur at the very beginning of their journey. All it took was a quick, charitable share of food with Arthur by the team, and well…their lives were sealed. Arthur stuck with them for the entire 400+ mile journey…he swam next to the raft, he trekked up the hills, and he was even lowered by rope as they repelled.

And his reward for being the faithful dog that he is? He was adopted by the leader of the team at the end of the journey. After all was said and done, he got his shots, was inspected via quarantine and cleared to come to his new home.

Take a look and enjoy!