A Story of Mutual Love and Respect

73 year-old James Wathen was not doing well in the hospital. He had stopped eating and for the most part stopped talking. Hospital workers were very worried about him until one day he mentioned to a nurse that he missed his dog, Bubba.

Bubba, a one-eyed Chihuahua, himself was not doing well in the foster family he was assigned to while James was in the hospital. Bubba had also stopped eating and had grown more and more complacent.

As soon as hospital workers tracked down Bubba they brought the tiny dog in to the hospital to see his owner. Here’s what happened:


When owner and pet were reunited, both suddenly perked up and had newfound energy. Appetites came back, and for James, his voice came back. The love he has for this dog is remarkable. And you can just see the love Bubba has for his owner in the tail-wagging happiness that’s going on in this video. And note the connection these two have. When they were apart they weren’t eating, lethargy and complacency had set in. But when they were reunited it’s as if love was poured into each of them.

Here’s to that wonderful bond of love we share with our best friend.