Scooby "Doo" the Rescue!

Scooby is a golden labrador medical assistance dog (in-training, but seriously…after you read this story you’ll see that the training days are over and she is on active duty!) who specializes in detecting changes in insulin level via odor. Yes, that’s right…he can smell the difference! Wow…just WOW!


Sophie-Alice and Scooby


When his charge, Sophie-Alice Pearman’s blood sugar levels spiked, it was Scooby to the rescue. Now…I want to share with you another aspect that is so absolutely amazing: Sophie-Alice was asleep when it happened. And yes, there is a very high possibility if it were not for Scooby that she may have never woken up. But Scooby was there and started barking ferociously to wake her and her parents up, alerting them to the danger and allowing them the opportunity to get her to the emergency room.

“He saved Sophie-Alice’s life that night as we had to rush her to pediatric intensive care at the William Harvey Hospital. Doctors told us that if she had been left any longer in that state she would have died.”

Sophie-Alice and Scooby have been inseparable from the time her parents brought Scooby home to help the 11 year old girl. Sophie-Alice was born with type one diabetes, in addition to suffering from fluid build-ups on the brain. Doctors initially gave a very poor prognosis for the little girl, but she has defied all odds and lives a productive life…made even more productive, complete and fun because of her dog. Let’s celebrate today how awesome our dogs are and treat them to a little snack.


I know one thing for sure…this dog definitely deserves a Scooby snack!

Read the full story here: Medical assistance dog Scooby saves life of diabetic Sophie-Alice


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