Leave It!


The above video comes from the late Dr. Sophia Yin, a dog behaviorist in San Francisco. She wrote extensively at her blog on all things training related, and she really has some wonderful resources for anyone interested in training their dog. This particular video has to do with teaching dogs to leave things they come across on the floor.

This becomes extremely relevant during this time of year as the holidays are upon us and candy, cookies, and other treats will be in abundance all over the house. Specifically training your dogs to “leave it” can be a very important health-related technique. Take a look at the video and watch how she trains, but more importantly, read her extensive blog entry on the topic and the rationale behind such training.

Her writings are indeed quite fascinating, and we encourage you to read not only this entry, but others as well. We’ll do our best to excerpt and highlight some of the helpful and important ones in the future. We thank her for the lasting legacy she has left us with.

Read the full article here: Scruffy’s Cadbury Egg Disaster: A Case for Training Dogs to Sit Politely Instead of Counter-Surfing