Dog Fight!



There is a constant reality we must live with when dealing with our dogs in public…especially around other dogs. What is that? The possibility of a dog fight. Now, don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean to imply that your dog is the instigator. However, it is very true that if a less tame or social dog approaches you and your barker, that your barker may (well within his or her right) go on the defensive.

So what can you do to help when this occurs? Well, of course the initial answer isnot wait to see who “wins.” There is no winning in a dog fight. No. We need to break the dogs up as quickly as possible. But here’s the problem: How do you do that while maintaining your own safety as well as the safety of your beloved dog?

To help with that we have a great article from the late Dr. Sophia Yin. Dr. Yin was a world-renowned dog behaviorist, and her work has truly aided people in the training of their beloved pets.

Take a look at this important article, and learn how to maintain your own safety as well as the safety of your barker in the unfortunate event of a dog fight.

Read the full article here: How To Break Up A Dog Fight Without Getting Bitten