It's Dog Sitter Appreciation Day (not really, but this article is really good)

Ever wonder what your dog sitter goes through on a regular day? Well, today the great people over at Dogster are doing us a service by point to a new article on the various sacrifices your sitter makes for your dog.

Now let’s be clear, your dog sitter loves his or her job, and they absolutely love and adore your dog. But it’s no easy task…and this article lays out why.

Ever have that nice, relaxed, restful time with your dog after it’s been out with the sitter for the day? Know how they got that way? Yup, you guessed it: the wonderful dog sitter is running them ragged all day with hiking, trail running, dog park excursions, throwing the ball around.

This is no easy job! So let’s appreciate them today. Take a look at the rest of the article and see how much they do for us.

Read the full article here: 8 Sacrifices Your Dog Sitter Makes For Your Dog