My Dog is limping! Now what?

The other day I woke up and took my dog out for our regular walk. I know…this is going to sound bad, but I initially walk my dog in our neighborhood off of her leash. I let her roam a bit, and she always stays close to me.

But I digress…as I let her out I noticed for the first time that she was limping in her right, hind leg. She was essentially running on 3 legs and doing a bit of a skip with that hobbled 4th leg.

I called her over and put her in my lap, and went about inspecting her leg. She was nice and calm, so it didn’t appear as if there was any present, pain she was dealing with. I gently lifted her leg to inspect her pad, just to see if there were any cracks or something stuck in it. Nothing.

I moved her leg back and forth, up and down…she didn’t yelp. So then I thought, it must be something in the joint.

And that’s when I turned to the trusty internet. Doing a search on limps in dogs, I came across this helpful article. It helped me, and I hope it helps you. Sometimes we note something about our dogs and we want to help, but don’t know where to start…well, if anything, here’s a starting point for you.

Read the full article here: My dog is limping, what should I do?