Are you insured for that?

A story comes to us today about the cost of dog surgery. It’s not cheap. Specifically, the author looks at a ligament in dogs that oftentimes gets injured from the rough and tumble life that is our pets: flying off the couch, rolling in the grass, chasing after that ball, jumping up for that frisbee. Dogs have such a high level of activity (I know mine does from chasing squirrels on a daily basis) that they will often develop a tear in a ligament that is very much like the one professional athletes develop in their ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).

Now more than ever, our dogs are also living a long time as well. And owners want to give them the best treatment possible. However, this often comes with a price tag. What is it? Well, of course it differs from problem to problem, doctor to doctor. What doesn’t differ is the love we have for our pets and our desire to see them made whole again.

Which lends way to today’s bit of advice, based on the above article…do you have pet insurance for your dog? As they are living longer and bound to get into more and more trouble these days, you may want to think about this a little more seriously. Just like health insurance for ourselves, pet insurance can definitely come in handy when our dogs run into problems or emergencies.

For example, as the above article mentions, veterinarian options and doctors are not necessarily well monitored, and thus we may run afoul of either problematic care or something else. Pet insurance will certainly come in handy in an instance like this.

So it’s something to consider as you get ready this morning for your daily walk.